Stata - New license | 1-user

Stata - New license | 1-user

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Stata – New license
Each license allows three activations on your computer systems, Win, Mac and Linux compatibility. Stata editions available, IC, SE and MP, see our comparison table what edition is right for you.

Choose between lifetime access to the version available at time of purchase (Perpetual) or subscribe annually (Rent) with all updates and fixes included, valid for 1-year from date of activation.
Keep your Stata and research up to date – Add Maintenance to your license!

If you would like to always keep your Stata software up to date, you can include a maintenance plan with your order. For a fixed annual or bi-annual fee, the maintenance plan guarantees that you will always have access to the latest version of Stata. You get free upgrades to major releases whenever they are made generally available (from the purchase date to the expiration date of the contract).

Maintenance charges are annual, and maintenance may be purchased only when you buy a new license or upgrade an existing one

Benefits of a maintenance plan:

• Low yearly cost for latest patch/version released.
• No compatibility issues.
• Everyone working on the same version.
• Easy to plan your software budget.